Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Really? That's you?

I saw a picture recently of someone I used to have a crush on and I couldn't believe how much they'd changed (or what I was thinking). Just to clarify, this is before I met my husband, naturally. Of course my eye never wanders these days. 

Anyway, I started thinking about some of the other people I used to fancy and decided to look them up (it's not stalking if it's in the name of research, right? ) and this is what I found

Alex Band (The Calling)

Robert Arkins (Jimmy Rabitte from The Commitments)

Johnny Diesel

Johnny Depp 

Sorry, I've mucked up the layout here because I wanted to get this picture just a bit bigger

I'm going to leave it here as, quite frankly, I'm so disappointed that I wasted all my youthful enthusiasm on such a bunch of uninspiring men. Really - what was I thinking. It's worth pointing out that none of them look like my husband. They are all weedy musicians. Thank goodness my type has changed.