Monday, 18 July 2011

Marshmallows and S'mores

I'm going camping soon. Actually, I'm going faux-camping as we're staying in a pod and not a tent. There are limits. Naturally in preparation for this, I started looking at food and stumbled across the blog How Sweet It Is. I am fairly certain I gained 5kg just reading the s'mores recipes, and immediately got onto Amazon to order the biggest American marshmallows I could find. I love marshmallows! They are one of my favourite sweets. So far I've tasted none that rival Pascals, but the SIZE of the ones in America... and they're Jet Puffed which makes them sound like you can ride them to Planet Sugar.

Say what you like about America, but some of the best baking recipes I have ever read have come from there. They know their sweet stuff. Cakes, pies, brownies... you name it, they've baked it and added extra sugar along the way. Just look at these S'mores cakes in a jar. You would never get that sort of recipe in the UK.

I will be trying s'mores when we go camping and I will post the results. I can't wait. I may even let the kids try some.