Saturday, 10 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 5 May 2014 - the Morrisons Mums Edition

How excited was I to be given £80 worth of Morrisons vouchers as part of their BritMums #MorrisonsMums bank holiday campaign! Fresh food is good, but free fresh food always tastes better, so I got stuck into my meal planning with gusto.

I will say that I am a fickle supermarket shopper. Within two miles of my house I have access to Morrisons, Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Iceland and Marks & Spencer. With eight supermarkets to choose from and the need to keep an eye on my budget, I vary my shopping depending on who has the best deals. I have always found Morrisons to be one of the more expensive supermarkets, but they've recently put their prices down on a lot of items and I wanted to see if it made any difference to my weekly shop.

On the menu this week:
Pork and Beef meatballs with homemade tomato sauce and spaghetti
Venison burgers with salad
Chicken wraps and salad
Dinner for breakfast - bacon, sausage, egg, beans, toast/bagels
Steak with Bearnaise sauce, spinach, and new potatoes
Fridge Frittata

There is quite a lot of meat in the menu this week, partially because I didn't have to pay for it, and partially because I have been training for an upcoming weight lifting comp and want more protein.

The kids have been after me to make mint ice-cream so, taking advantage of a sunny bank holiday, we used this fast and delicious recipe, which uses milk, double cream, sugar, and fresh mint. A batch serving eight people worked out to £2.01, or just over 25 pence per portion when served in bowls, and tasted just like summer.

Another hit was the venison and pork burgers (£2.59 for 2), which I served with a fresh knot roll (25p each), yellow peppers, baby spinach, and salad tomatoes, costing around £1.82 per serving.

I can't say I'm a Morrison's convert, but having seen their new prices and the quality of their food, not to mention the lovely staff and well laid out store, I will be a lot more open to shopping there in future.