Thursday, 1 May 2014

Easy Bank Holiday Weekend Activities With Kids

Hooray - it's a long weekend! I really shouldn't be so excited. We've only just gone back after Easter holidays, but I am not going to turn down some quality sleeping in time. What are you going to do with the kids? I am not going to jinx things by saying it too loudly, but the weather forecast is actually not that bad. We might get to enjoy being outside without our hoods up! If you exhausted all your child-entertainment ideas during the school holidays and your inspiration tank is still running on empty, have a look at these family bank holiday weekend activities.

1. Weekend Box Club (
I was lucky enough to be given a weekend box to try a while ago, and on a wet old day over the Easter holidays, my 6-year old and I got stuck in. It's ideal for parents or grandparents who want to do something together that doesn't involve board games, screens, or having to spend a fortune. The Weekend Box comes with 4 activities and virtually everything you need to do them. There's something to make, something to cook, something to read or write, and something green. You can see more here.The Weekend Box Club is a subscription service with fortnightly deliveries. I will say that at 6 (nearly 7) my son found a couple of the activities a little boring, but we adapted some to make them more engaging and spent a happy hour chucking gold coins in cups and drawing on balloons.

2. Indoor tennis
Speaking of balloons, they're something I always have handy. Balloons are cheap and fun entertainment for kids of all ages. Blow them up and have a balloon fight, draw or write on them, play indoor keepy-uppy, blow them up and let the air out slowly so it makes a hugely irritating squeaking noise, or blow one up up then let it go and see who can catch it.

3. Cook
You're going to have to cook at some point over the weekend, so why not get the kids involved. Bank holidays are for barbeques and salads. Why not make your own burger buns, experiment with salads, or set up an ice cream bar for dessert. Alternatively, popcorn is always popular here - especially when it's topped with something sweet. You'll find a plethora of popcorn recipes on Pinterest , or try this Caramel Marshmallow recipe

4. Get Out
Left to their own devices, my boys would be plugged in for eight(teen) hours straight, with only the odd break for a kick of football, to bicker over who is in who's Minecraft world (the online equivalent of "get out of my room!"), go to the toilet, or to get some food.
I make sure they get outside to do something, or we all suffer! Don't get me wrong, they often bitch and moan every step of the way, but they usually shut up at some point, and everyone is happier for some active time outdoors. Geocaching is a fun purpose to a walk. Find your nearest National Trust property and enjoy the gardens, head up a mountain, or go somewhere you can throw sticks and stones in the water.Enjoy the bluebells before they disappear. Sometimes we do chores such as cleaning out the shed or cutting the grass, but it's got to be done so why not do it together and turn house work into something less drudgey? Plus, what parent doesn't get a kick from watching their kids being useful?
The key with my two is to bribe them with a treat of sorts, whether it's ice-cream while we're out, or screen time without nagging when we get back. Another inexpensive way to have fun is browsing at a car boot sale. I give the boys a few pounds each and off they go.

5. Be a Tourist
If you haven't done it for a while - or have never done it - play tourist in your home town. Visit places you'd normally send your visitors, check out local beauty spots with a picnic, explore the landscape or the history. Just type in your area + tourism into Google and see what comes up.

OMG - there's two of them!
If you're looking for something else, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out. Captain America is a great film (and not only because it has my fantasy husband, Chris Evans, wearing tight t-shirts). Rio 2 is not bad for the younger kids, and Tarzan is also getting positive reviews.

There's also a new lot of LEGO Minifigures out and they're SIMPSONS! As with the LEGO Movie Minifigures, these are £2.49, so I guess the 50p per packet increase is permanent (Boo to you LEGO) . Go feel a few packets and see which ones you can find.
Lego Simpsons Minifigures £2.49 each

What do you have planned this weekend? If all you do this weekend is faff around on Pinterest, don't worry. The great thing about May is that we get another long weekend at the end of the month!

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