Monday, 11 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 11 February 2013

Last week I missed my first MPM (that's Meal Planning Monday, for those in the know) post in, I dunno, months! Not sure what happened. I sat down on Monday morning thinking "yes, I'll do that in a minute" and before I knew it, it was Thursday arvo and there was clearly no point.

This week I am taking all my meals from my Shared Family Favourite Recipes Pinterest board. This is a shared board so if you want to be able to pin your tried and tested family favourites there just let me know. I am hoping to build up a good stock of recipes we know work to make my life easier to create a shared resource that benefits humankind. 'Cause I'm thoughtful like that.

Italian Chicken pinned by Julie with cous cous
Baked Mini Meatballs pinned by Sarah with homemade pasta*
Steak with Dauphinoise potatoes and mushrooms pinned by me

Five planned meals should cover it this week since it's school holidays and we have a few things planned.

Don't forget about the new board - leave your Pinterest name below if you want to join in the fun. Remember to check out Mrs M for more Meal Planning Monday inspiration.
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