Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Soundtrack

Today's Sunday Soundtrack is as loud as possible, in order to drown out the sounds of Mario Kart (which drives me bonkers). It comes courtesy of Faith No More.

I was introduced to Faith No More's music when I was 18, by my guitar playing boyfriend. (Nearly) 20 years later it still makes me smile. There's nothing better when I'm feeling a bit angsty, than to put on Angel Dust (1992) and do whatever I need to do with the extra energy it gives me. Be Aggressive is particularly great for running to. Kindergarten is one of my favourites because we used to sing along to it in a funny voice, and then there's the mellow Easy. I think it's their best album.

Faith No More followed up Angel Dust with King for a Day.... Fool for a Lifetime. It's not as strong, and the later Album of the Year (1997) failed to live up to its name. If you're a Faith No More novice, you could do worse than listen to the 1998 best-of album. Actually, Faith No More have released 7 compilation albums which seems a bit ambitious considering they only released 6 studio albums.

Since it's Sunday, I'll leave you with this gem