Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Summer Homeware Wishlist

From Lakeland. I love Lakeland. If I died and went to super organised heaven, it would be there (and I bet they'd sell a suitable snap-loc keep me fresh stackable coffin)

Blue Soda Glasses from Next
 So pretty that I wouldn't mind hand washing them. 
Ok, not exactly summery, but my eldest would love this. Shame our walls are very resistant to any sort of fixing.

Recycled Welsh Wool Picnic Blanket
I just love Welsh wool. I don't know what appeals to me so much but I covet Welsh wool things. I think it's because it tends to be softer. Or maybe I'm just biased. These Not On The High Street blankets are nice.

M&S Coolmax bed linen 
If we ever get any hot summer nights...