Saturday, 1 February 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 3 February 2014

Hello and welcome to a new month. Now we're in February I hope the weather takes the hint and bucks up its attitude! This week's menu is:

Cottage pie topped with cauliflower & butternut mash
Pork Steaks with sweet potato and spinach
Meat balls and courgette "spaghetti" 
Omelettes and something... I will have to work on that one
left overs/freezer fun (fish fingers, nuggets, whatever)

My lunches are also pretty unhealthy lately so I will be making a pot of soup with quinoa and whatever veg I can find and taking that in a flask.

You may have noticed that it's a pretty low carb menu and that's because I am trying to improve my diet. I'm taking it one week at a time! Let me know what your fave healthy meals are and remember to check out Mrs M's for more #MealPlanningMonday posts.

Have a great week.