Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Meal Planning Monday ... um... Tuesday 3 December

Yep, it's Tuesday but I don't even feel guilty because I am already doing better than last week when it comes to having a meal plan. I am in the middle of project Empty the Freezer and Pantry in preparation for all the yummy Christmassy goodness with which I plan on filling them. I will never forget two years ago when I had just filled my freezer to the brim only to have it conk out sometime during the night leaving me with a bench full of rapidly defrosting Christmas dinner. Fun times...

Last week wasn't too bad but this week requires me to concoct meals involving six pairs of bread crusts and some rolls with a bit of freezer burn.

Chicken pasta bake (made by my son at school)
Sweet chilli chicken
Tex Mex Quinoa casserole
Bacon topped meatloaf made with turkey mince, and garlic bread
Toad in the Hole
Breakfast for dinner (eggs, spinach, sausage, beans and bagel)

I'd remind you to check out Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday linky except I'm so late with this that you've probably already been there. 

If you see me Tweeting requests for suggestions for using random ingredients you'll know I'm struggling to sort next week's meals!