Thursday, 15 August 2013

Random Likings

As usual, I have been spending my free time wisely surfing online for stuff I love but will probably never buy since my house is already so full of stuff.

Resin Bangle from Buy My Crap
This Etsy shop has a fab range of these amazing resin bangles. 
Love Mae 
I found this shop when I was looking for wall stickers, I think, and spent ages browsing all the gorgeous items it sells, desperately trying to justify multiple purchases such as:
floral party cups
laptop and phone covers
wall stickers

National Trust Recycled Woolen Rugs
I am fairly sure I've featured these rugs before - possibly around Christmas time. They have been on my radar since I saw them in the NT shop at Tintagel two years ago but it's only now that I have got around to buying one for myself. £12... £12! Such a bargain for a throw of this quality and this size (120cm x 145cm). They are soft and warm and I suspect I won't stop at just one. They come in a range of random colours so you may find different ones online to those in shops at NT properties.

Hem Gems
I found this beauties via Fox in Flats and I really need to get my hands on some. Being barely over 5'1" means that unless I buy petite jeans, I will always need to roll or take my jeans up. Petite jeans are a bit hit and miss and that's assuming they're possible to find. Plus I love being able to buy £10 jeans from Primark and they don't do petite sizes. They come in 7 styles and cost US$18.99 for a packet of 8 (around £10 plus postage)

Today I'm Wearing
A fab time wasting site where you can have a good old stickybeak at other people's outfits. I am not creative at all when it comes to clothing, but I love seeing how real people combine things in stylish ways. Lots of items are referenced so you can click through and buy them if you're so inclined.

Zoku Character Kit
This seriously appeals to the kitch lover in me. Using the stencils and moulds provided you create ice lollies with cute faces. C'mon, wouldn't you want to bite into something that looks this adorable?
It's £20 from Hobbycraft or you can order online at Zoku